Energy Law Journal


Since 1980, the Energy Law Journal has been a great benefit to EBA members. Support the Foundation’s mission of publishing the Energy Law Journal by including a donation to the FELJ in your annual EBA dues payment. Your contribution will help defray the FELJ’s expenses for publication of the Energy Law Journal. Every member receives a copy of the Journal but your dues do not fund the costs. We rely heavily on contributions and sponsorships, in addition to advertising and royalty payments to fund the Journal expenses.

Over the past thirty five years, the Energy Law Journal has become the preeminent publication for energy law and energy practitioners in the United States. The ELJ publishes legal, policy, and economic articles of lasting interest with significant research value on subjects dealing with all aspects of the energy industry, including the electric, gas, oil, renewables and hydroelectric sectors. The ELJ provides thought-provoking and thoroughly researched articles by practitioners, internationally known academics, federal judges, high ranking government officials and members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Highly respected, the ELJ is often cited in federal and state court opinions and law review articles, by energy industry speakers, and the FERC.