Energy Law Journal, Volume 31, No. 2 (2010)

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When Should the FERC Defer to the NERC?   p. 317
John S. Moot

Chinaís 2007 Anti-Monopoly Law: Competition and the Chinese Petroleum Industry    p. 337
Yong Huang
Shan Jiang
Diana Moss
Randy Stutz

Energy Bar Association General Counsel Roundtable   p. 371

A Clean Energy Deployment Administration: The Right Policy for Emerging Renewable Technologies   p. 397
Allison S. Clements
Douglass D. Sims

Long-Term Liability for Carbon Capture and Storage in Depleted North American Oil and Gas Reservoirs ñ A Comparative Analysis   p. 431
Allan Ingelson
Anne Kleffner
Norma Nielson

ìTraditionalî NGA Jurisdictional Limits Constrain FERCís Market Manipulation Authority   p. 471
William F. Demarest, Jr.

On the Acquisition of Upstream Interests in New York Energy Operating Companies ñ An Uncharted Area?   p. 509
Lisa Gayle Bradley

Book Review

Lights Out: Ten Myths About (and Real Solutions to) Americaís Energy Crisis   p. 565
Reviewed by Jay Matson

Committee Reports

Climate Change & Emissions Committee   p. 571

FERC Practice & Administrative Law Judges Committee    p. 617

Legislation Committee     p. 619

Natural Gas Regulation Committee     p. 623

Nuclear Regulation Committee    p. 667

Oil & Liquids Pipeline Regulation Committee    p. 705

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