Energy Law Journal, Volume 31, No. 1 (2010)

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Editor-in-Chief's Page
Merriman Memoriam


Energy Market Manipulation: Definition, Diagnosis, and Deterrence   p. 1
Craig Pirrong

2009 Mid-Year Meeting Keynote Address -- Philip R. Sharp    p. 21

Security of Energy Supply: When Could National Policy Take Precedence Over European Law?   p. 31
Carlos PadrÛs
Endrius E. Cocciolo

The New FERC Enforcement: Due Process Issues in the Post-EPAct 2005 Enforcement Cases   p. 55
William Scherman
John Shepherd
Jason Fleischer

2009 Mid-Year Meeting Panel Discussion: The Smart Grid   p. 81

Allocation of International Petroleum Licenses to National Oil Companies: Insights From The Coase Theorem   p. 111
S. Scott Gaille

Prohibiting Fraud and Deception in Wholesale Petroleum Markets: The New Federal Trade Commission Market Manipulation Rule   p. 125
Theodore A. Gebhard
James F. Mongoven

Implementation of Biological Sequestration Offsets in a Carbon Reduction Policy: Answers to Key Questions for a Successful Domestic Offset Program   p. 157
Robert J. Carpenter

Book Review

Smart Power: Climate Change, The Smart Grid and the Future of Electric Utilities, by Peter Fox-Penner   p. 183
Reviewed by William A. Mogel

Committee Reports

Competition & Antitrust Committee Report   p. 187

Electricity Regulation & Compliance Committee Report    p. 219

Renewable Energy & Demand-Side Management Committee Report    
p. 287

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