Energy Law Journal, Volume 30, No. 2 (2009)

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Meiburger Memoriam
Moring Memoriam



Plugging Cars into the Grid: Why the Government Should Make a Choice   p. 317
Ronald E. Minsk
Sam P. Ori
Sabrina Howell

Growing the Energy Efficiency Market Through Third-Party Financing  
 p. 377
Neil Peretz

Energy Policy and the Obama Administration: Some Choices and Challenges   p. 405
Matthew Holden, Jr.

DOE Transmission Corridor Designations & FERC Backstop Siting Authority: Has the Energy Policy Act of 2005 Succeeded in Stimulating the Development of New Transmission Facilities?   p. 415
Debbie Swanstrom
Meredith M. Jolivert

Energy Bar Association Panel Regarding Speculation in Energy Markets   p. 467

Financing the Nuclear Renaissance: The Benefits and Potential Pitfalls of Federal & State Government Subsidies and the Future of Nuclear Power in California   p. 497
Kelley M. Gale
Jason J. Crowell
Breton A. Peace

Literature Review

So, the World is Getting Warmer: What Now? New Literature on Electric Sector Options and the Cost of Climate Control Legislation   p. 553
Jonathan D. Schneider

Committee Reports

Climate Change & Emissions Committee   p. 563

Competition & Antitrust Committee    p. 597

Legislation Committee    p. 629

Natural Gas Regulation & Compliance Committee    p. 639

Nuclear Regulation Committee    p. 715

Oil Pipeline Regulation Committee    p. 729

State Commission Practice & Regulation Committee    p. 765

System Reliability, Planning, & Compliance Committee    p. 831

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