Energy Law Journal, Volume 30, No. 1 (2009)

Table of Contents
President's Message
Editor-in-Chief's Message


The U.S. Role in Solving Climate Change: Green Growth Policies Can Enable Leadership Despite the Economic Downturn   p. 1
Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat

Running on Empty: The Electricity-Water Nexus and the U.S. Electric Utility Sector    p. 11
Dr. Benjamin K. Sovacool

Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc. v. Public Utility District No. 1 Revisits the Mobile-Sierra Doctrine: Some Answers, More Questions    p. 53
John E. McCaffrey

Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Regulation    p. 85
Robert R. Nordhaus
Emily Pitlick

Abandon All Hope? FERCís Evolving Standards for Identifying Comparable Firms and Estimating the Rate of Return    p. 105
Jonathan A. Lesser
Emma Nicholson

Energy Bar Association, Discussion Regarding the NERC and Regional Entity Hearing and Appeal Processes    p. 133


Frankenfuel: Genetically Modified Corn, Ethanol, and Crop Diversity   
p. 169
Zachary R. F. Schreiner

Book Review

Capitalism at Work: Business, Government, and Energy   p. 189
Reviewed by William A. Mogel

Committee Reports

Report of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee   p. 195

Report of the Electricity Regulation and Compliance Committee    p. 201

Report of the International Energy Transactions Committee    p. 207

Report of the Judicial Review Committee    p. 229

Report of the Renewable Energy and Demand-Side Management Committee    p. 273

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