Energy Law Journal, Volume 29, No. 2 (2008)

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The Current "Nuclear Renaissance" in the United States, Its Underlying Reasons, and Its Potential Pitfalls   p. 279
By Roland M. Frye, Jr.

The Bell Tolls for Hydrocarbons: What's Next?    p. 381
By Hon. Richard D. Cudahy

Hydrokinetic Energy Development Through Regulatory Innovation     p. 397
By. Hon. Jon Wellinghoff, James Pederson, and David L. Morenoff

From EOR to CCS: The Evolving Legal and Regulatory Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage     p. 421
By Philip M. Marston and Patricia A. Moore

Time for a Day 1.5 Market: A Proposal to Reform RTO-Run Centralized Wholesale Electricity Markets    p. 491
By Susan Kelly and Elise Caplan

Compliance Programs, Penalty Mitigation and the FERC   
p. 547
By John S. Moot

The Prudent Regulator: Politics, Independence, Ethics, and the Public Interest    p. 577
By Janice A. Beecher

Energy Bar Association Negotiation of a Master Agreement and a Structured Transaction (Illustration of Deals Are Done and the Major Issues - Role Playing)   p. 615
Energy Bar Association

The Use of Quantity Terms to Improve Efficiency and Stability in International Gas Sales and Purchase Agreements   p. 645
By S. Scott Gaille

On the Eve of the Federal Power Act Interlocking Directorate Regulations' Diamond Jubilee, Are We Left with Cherries or the Pits?    p. 667
By John J. Schulze, Jr.

Student Notes

Note: Controlling LNG AES Sparrows Point LNG, LLC v. Smith, 527 F.3d 120 (4th Cir. 2008)     p. 695
By James C. Erdle, Jr.

Note: CWA and ESA: Nine Is a Party, Ten Is a Crowd - National Association of Home Builders v. Defenders of Wildlife, 127 S. Ct. 2518 (2007).    p. 703
By Malori Dahmen

Committee Reports

Report of the Natural Gas Regulation Committee     p. 715

Report of the Nuclear Regulation Committee    p. 789

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