Energy Law Journal, Volume 28, No. 2 (2007)

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Recognizing the Importance of Demand Response: The Second Half of the Wholesale Electric Market Equation   p. 389
By Hon. Jon Wellinghoff and David L. Morenoff

Chinaís Power Sector: Global Economic and Environmental Implications    p. 421
By Robert W. Gee, Songbin Zhu and Xiaolin Li

The Potential Law of On-Shore Geologic Sequestration of CO2 Captured from Coal-Fired Power Plants    p. 443
By Jeffrey W. Moore

Wind Power: Generating Electricity and Lawsuits    p. 489
By Brit T. Brown and Benjamin A. Escobar

Alternative Dispute Resolution at RTOs, ISOs, and Power Pools    p. 517
By EBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

Ensuring Consideration of the Public Interest in the Governance and Accountability of Regional Transmission Organizations    p. 453
By Michael H. Dworkin and Rachel Aslin Goldwasser

New Metrics for Measuring the Success of a Non-Profit RTO   
p. 603
By Richard A. Drom

EPActí05 Implementation: Is FERC in Full Compliance?   p. 631
By Jay Morrison


Limiting Tribal Rights Under the Federal Power Act: Skokomish Indian Tribe v. United States     p. 667
By Tyler Harden

Will the CERCLA Be Unbroken?: E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. v. United States    p. 681
By Marina K. Greek


Driving the Market: The Effects on the United States Ethanol Industry if the Foreign Ethanol Tariff is Lifted    p. 693
By Kaylan Lytle

Committee Reports

Natural Gas Regulation    p. 711

Nuclear Energy    p. 767

Oil Pipeline    p. 785

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