Energy Law Journal, Volume 23, No. 2 (2002)

President's Message includes:
In Memoriam: Judy M. Johnson


Competition in Wholesale Electric Power Markets p.281
Peter Fox-Penner, Gary Taylor, Romkaew Broehm and James Bohn

The Used and Useful Test: Implications For a Restructured Electric Industry p.349
Jonathan A. Lesser

The Pig in the Python: Is Lumpy Capacity Investment Used and Useful? p.383
William J. Baumol and J. Gregory Sidak

Performance-Based Regulation of Utilities p.399
Mark Newton Lowry and Lawrence Kaufmann

Regulatory and Tax Treatment of Electric Interconnection Facilities p.459
Jackie S. Levinson and Andrew D. Schifrin

The Portuguese Renewable Energy Market p.495
Tiago Ferreira de Matos


The Legal Impediments to Distributed Generation p.505

Book Reviews

Making Competition Work in Electricity p.525
Reviewed by William A. Mogel

Natural Gas & Electric Power Industries Analysis p.529
Reviewed by Jonathan D. Schneider

Submitted Committee Reports

Ethics p.533
Finance and Transactions p.541