Energy Law Journal, Volume 36, No.2 (2015)

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Europe’s Natural Gas Security of Supply: Policy Tools for Single-Supplied States  P. 179
Brenda Shaffer

The Hazy “Bright Line”: Defining Federal and State Regulation of Today’s Electric Grid  P. 203
Robert Nordhaus

Energy Law Education in the U.S.: An Overview and Recommendations  P. 217
Donna Attanasio, Committee Chair

Adjudication of FERC Enforcement Cases: “See You In Court?”  P. 261
Todd Mullins & Chris McEachran

The Right to Self-Generate as a Grid-Connected Customer   P. 305
Jon Wellinghoff & Steven Weissman

A Critical Look at “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”   P. 327
Jody Freeman

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Power Plan: A Paradigm Shift in Energy Regulation Away From Energy Regulators   P. 355
William S. Scherman & Jason J. Fleischer

Criminal Liability for False Statements: 1001 Things to Worry About During FERC and CFTC Investigations of Energy Companies and Individuals   P. 409
Stephen P. Freccero

Book Reviews

Lighting the World  P. 425
Reviewed by William A. Mogel

Committee Reports

The Reports of the Energy Bar Association Committees are published online on the EBA’s website at Included in the full electronic version of the Energy Law Journal, Volume 36, No. 2, are the following reports:

Environmental Regulation Committee
FERC Practice Committee
Oil & Liquids Committee
Power Generation & Marketing Subcommittee
System Reliability, Planning, and Security Committee

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